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Essay pour MBA

Les dossiers de candidature aux MBA (Applications) demandent aux élèves plusieurs Essays. Voici un exemple de réponse à ce qui peut être demandé. Describe an impact you have had on a team, group or organization. How has this experience been valuable to you or others, and what did you learn? (500 words) When I enrolled in ESCP-EAP, I noted that it was the only school without an annual Alumni Ball even though it is an old tradition at French ?Grandes Ecoles?. This gala is a much anticipated event bringing together students, alumni and faculty members. I started to investigate the reasons why our school was not following this tradition and found out that the student organization that previously ran the event had substantially underestimated its budget and had incurred a loss of $10,000 which ultimately resulted in the bankruptcy of the association. I took the initiative to rebuild the organization from scratch. The first thing I did was gathering students interested in the project. Recruiting was particularly challenging since we had to cope with the insolvency burden of the former organization, a legal headache that required a lot of administrative work. The members of the former student organization, liable for the losses, were of course ?unreachable?. I therefore had to find an alternative source of financing to fill in the gap. After six months of intense lobbying and thanks to the support of some powerful alumni the school board granted me with a subsidy to cover the $10,000 loss. All in all it took almost a year to liquidate the former organization before I could found a new one. Since I had taken the lead on this restructuring, I was elected President of the new organization. This title did not give me more power, instead greater responsibilities. I was not only liable for potential losses but also for our school's reputation. I assigned each member of the new organization a specific task and overlooked each step of the process: finding sponsors, fund raising, sending out invitations and organizing the actual event. We obtained a special authorization from the ?Ministry of Culture? to host the ball at Palais Brognard, a protected historical site and were finally ready to launch the event. If setting up the event was a great challenge, we still had to make it a success. I secured the attendance of key alumni of our school and heavily promoted the ball. With the excitement of the approaching event we tripled our efforts and spent sleepless nights fine-tuning the organization and sending out more invitations. The ball was a great success gathering over 600 students and 300 alumni. It left my classmates with great memories and my student association with $5,000 in profits. This challenge taught me to overcome setbacks thrown in my path and that in the end hard work, commitment and patience pays off. It also made me realize the need to invest in human resources. I could not have achieved my goal on my own. This success was definitely a ?we?. This experience is a good illustration of my attitude towards life in general. I try to constantly challenge myself. So far, I have always tried to move forward and broaden my skills, first by enrolling in University of Paris X for a Juris Doctor degree while attending ESCP-EAP, then by moving to New York and work for X and now by applying to Y's MBA program. Ce modèle recueilli par Paul a été écrit par Mickaël.

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